Our Plant

Our pellet plant, located in Shelton, WA, is considered one of the cleanest and most efficient pellet plants in North America. Built in 2008, this plant uses the newest and most efficient pellet production technologies. The entire pellet production process is monitored by computer sensors to insure that every bag meets our high quality standards.

Our plant in Shelton, WA is one of the most efficient pellet plants in the entire USA
Our Douglas fir sawdust is kept clean and dry in a large storage building
Sawdust is loaded into an in-feed trough for mixing
Sawdust is dried in an Onix 30 million BTU drier. Moisture is reduced from 50% to 5%
Two-400 hp Sprout Pellet mills can produce up to 10 tons of pellets per hour
Automatic Hamer bagging machine fills and seals all pellet bags
Our robot 'Kuka' gently stacks 50 bags on each pallet
All pallets are covered with a full waterproof cover that protects pellets from rain
Finished pallets are now ready to ship to our dealers