Hotter, Drier and Cleaner than industry standards for “Premium” pellets

The Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) set standards for all pellets, including “Premium.” Olympus pellets exceed these standards in several important ways:

  • Heat Output: Olympus Pellets are made from hot burning Douglas fir, which produces more heat, per pound, than other wood species used to make premium pellets.
  • 25% Drier Pellets: Olympus Pellets are 25% drier than PFI standards for Premium pellets. Drier pellets contain less water, so they burn more efficiently with more home heat.
  • 75% Cleaner Pellets: Olympus Pellets produce less than 0.25% ash, which is 75% less than the PFI Premium standard. Less ash means you only need to clean your stove a few times per month.