John D.

I have burned so called ‘premium’ pellets for years, but for some reason never ran into yours. I needed pellets on the 1st cold morning and went into Mendo Mills. These Sierra Supreme pellets are by far the cleanest and hottest pellets I have ever seen. So far, I’ve only burned on the lowest setting and the stove drives me outside. I plan on buying a full winters supply now.


John D.


Alex R.

I had high hopes for these Olympus pellets and man did they deliver! Pellets themselves are reddish in color have a super glossy sheen and are dense. Fines were very low and the glass stayed very clean. I decided to push these a bit to see what I could squeeze out of these. I wound up getting the highest temp I ever got out of my stove thermometer (455 degrees).

All in all these are nitro for your stove! These are one of the best, if not the best, pellets I’ve ever burned. If you can get your hands on these grab some and give them a try, you shouldn’t be disappointed! I rate these 5+ stars.


Natasha V.

Is there any other location in our area that still has any in stock so we can purchase more? They are by far the best, cleanest burning wood pellets we have ever had in the 12 years of owning a pellet stove. Thank you!!!


John A.

I live in San Jose, CA and we need to know dealers within 25 mile area. Lowe’s was carrying the Sierra Supreme but have run out. We love your product and have been using the pellets for a couple years with excellent results. Thanks so much for your help.


Doug K.

Hi. I live in Olympia and have tried many different brands. I bought Olympus at Tractor Supply and found your product is the best! This is my first year with a pellet stove so I have been experimenting with various pellets.


Margaret M.

I have been purchasing your Cascade wood pellets for 2 years now. I live in Buckley WA and purchase them at Home Depot in Bonney Lake. They are the best pellets I have ever used and believe me I have bought a lot of pellets in the last 16 years!


Jerry S.

Stan where is the closest Olympus dealer to me? I picked up 5-6 bags last year. Best I have ever used. Burned hotter and little or no ash. Ready to buy a couple pallets when I can locate a dealer within reasonable driving distance from me.


Scott F.

I did a fairly controlled test my first year of stove ownership. At the time (4 years ago), I found the Golden Fire produced the most heat and least amount of ash/clinkers. However, last year I saw your Cascade Pellets at Home Depot and purchased 3-4 bags, and was pleasantly surprised! Easily as good, or better, than any other pellets I have tried/tested! Happy to purchase and burn Cascade from now on!


Stew S.

Thanks for suggesting I try Olympus Pellets at Home Depot. These are the best pellets I have ever used! I promise to pass the word to my fellow pellet stove owners to buy your pellets. Difference in ash amounts is AMAZING!


Leslie R.

December 5, 2013

We bought several bags of your Olympus pellets from a feed store in our area that is now out of business. They burn the best, produce the least amount of ash and are the BEST pellets we’ve ever tried!